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Lone Star Barndominiums

New Braunfels preferred Custom Barn Builders


The latest climatic conditions have brought enough dilemmas among building contractors and designers in Texas. At another pace, The budgets have been shrunk for maintaining the quality. The market is conversely in demand for higher conveniences for which more work is needed with limited space and budget. Driven by this incongruous situation, The only practical solution that inverse the success to a greater extent is metal building construction.

For most Texas people, The term "Metal Building" refers to the functional, structural space that departs solace and aestheticism. However, most metal buildings had been traditionally used as barns, hangars, garages, & storage facilities structures whose appearances have been less than ingratiating. But not now; they are no longer considered as some rusted out barns but the spaces equipped for hundreds of applications, including schools, grocery stores, sanctuaries, offices, to structures that possess a daily human need. It has undergone countless upgrades over the years in terms of design and engineering, which leads to the current superiority of this fantastic construction method. The recent strain of metal structures has actually taken almost every benefit of its precise characteristics, including modern design, glossy finish, innovative extent, and many others, which can't be replicated easily with other building materials.


Thus, If you search for a modern age building solution that doesn't limit you in terms of cost and design, It's time to consider 'Metal Building" as your new friend. With Lone Star Barndominiums, We pride ourselves on being a premier partner for residential and commercial metal building construction in Texas.


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    About Us

    Lone Star Barndominiums is a Texas-based metal building design and construction firm with decades of experience developing personalized metal structures. Since 20**, Our team has installed over hundred pole barns and metal roofing shades for local customers bearing our signature. No matter where you are in the process, We pick up the continuity to mold every style with our collaborative nature towards metal structures. Whether you are looking to design a custom plan or choose from existing packages, Our team has the right vision to execute your plot with ease.


    In General, We offer construction solutions for every client interested in custom homes, metal buildings, pole barns, metal roofing, Barndominiums & much more. With a fast location service access to new Braunfels, Waco, Fort Worth, Frisco: Our team is knowledgeable in analyzing your construction requirements and implementing changes accordingly. We indulge our expertise in custom designing into your endeavor, enabling us to make a masterpiece of your dream state. However, it is a local project or a multinational development. Our unmatched engineering and project management results make us out of the box from the most local Texas building experts.


    Although, we understand the meaning of your investment. Thus, When you partnered with Lone Star Barndominiums for any project, We pledge to provide you 100% customer satisfaction from Day 1. We are honest with what we offer, and our clients can expect this with our valuable output. Moreover, We provide additional amenities with most of our services and products. Still in thought? Lone Star Barndominiums can make everything Perfect.

    Our Services

    Our team offers the most complete range of services in building exterior buildings, so, you can bet that we will be able to make good on your unique needs, no matter what. We can offer custom designs with every installation and have a broad range of excellent options for your residential or commercial buildings. Simply let us know what it is that you think an outdoor barn or metal structure could do for you and you can count on us to deliver it.

    Pole Barn in New Braunfels

    Pole Barns

    Pole Barns, often referred to as "pole barn houses" or "pole barn homes," are buildings with layered timber pillars as the primary framing element connected in a vertical stream while the tail is grounded lower surface. The barns are typically a very much important asset for farmers as well as large property owners. To construct a durable and reliable barn, Getting modern pole barn kits can be a prudent decision. By this, pole barn packages are becoming highly demanded among public sectors. The pole barns eliminated the usage of layering foundations and didn't require installing a wooden or concrete surface.


    However, the cost of building a pole barn will ultimately vary upon the design complexity and labor sensitivity. Also, the pole barn cost should be determined early, as it is essential to define the project's scope. At Lone Star Barndominiums, Our goal is to make superior pole barns that suit your requirements well. Unlike other companies, We don't compromise on using cheaper material but mold designs so that the price can fit your pocket well. From the pole barn foundation to pole barn insulation, We make it best. Whatever your application can be, A pole barn shed, pole barn garage, pole barn living quarter, pole barn shop, pole barn cabin, pole barn lighting, pole barn siding, pole barn man cave, pole barn doors, or more, Lone Star Barndominiums provide you flexibility at peak. The pole barn contractors and builders at our organization are the true face of value, quality, and service.

    New Barndominum construction in new braunfels,tx


    Barndominiums has grown immense popularity among the texas builders and people infrequent years. For individuals who don't know what it is? A Barndominiums or Barndominium building is a personalized house with an attached workshop. It is generally referred to as a steel building and used for the storage facility and living space for multiple purposes. The Barndominium homes are robust and can easily withstand any extreme weather conditions. The Barndominium floor plans are practically free of maintenance, making Barnadominium cost-effective compared to the rest building material.


    Although, Barnadominium builders commence this operation by residing a customized man cave in their resident apartment to put an entertainment or craft section over there. Today, Barndominium contractor such as Lone Star Barndominiums provides you a full range of Barndominium house plans and designs to fit everything you desire at once space. Our Barndominiums costs are very inexpensive and are a perfect way to combine both functional and work parts. Moreover, you can customize it by utilizing various Barndominium interior and exterior design ideas to craft a look of your desire. Our team is dedicated and provides exceptional service throughout the multiple phases of a Barndominium construction till it finishes out. Our Barndominium manufacturing and installation crew is what helps us to receive an extreme array of praises and endorsements from clients all over Texas. No matter how big or small your project is, Rely on Lone Star Barndominiums for a turn-key solution that lasts decades.


    Metal Structures

    Metal Structure Construction is a technical process to design and set up a pre-defined engineered metal framework based upon the client requirements. As each building varies in size, the time to put up the same metal structure in a functional form does. To work things out, It is advisable to work with a local metal building contractor to make your dreamy vision a reality. Comprehensive metal structure construction plans driven by architects and project managers are needed for preparing cost estimation before commencing the project. This should include deciding how many metal doors or windows, metal wall partitions, metal roof style, and metal frames will be used.


    For escaping this hassle, Metal building contractors play a critical role. Only a few people can understand the complete designs, construction, parts, and maintenance of a residential or commercial metal structure. With no adequate knowledge, The whole service may lead to a missed expectation and cause a lot of hassle. Moreover, It can make project managers lose out control over cost. The team members at Lone Star Barndominiums understand this and take care of every step. Over the past few years, we have maintained honesty and integrity with clients, which established as a top-notch supplier for engineered metal structures. All of our metal structures fabricated with state-of-the-art engineering techniques and are durable, and are backed by industry-leading warranties


    Serving the commercial and residential markets over Texas, Lone Star Barndominiums specialize in a variety of superior metal structures, metal carports, metal shade structure, metal garden structure, metal sunshade structure, metal garage structure, metallic crystal structure, metal-covered parking structures, metal storage sheds, metal shed kit, metal shed home depot and much more. Whatever your requirements, We supply and fit the proper metal building structure - in time and budget.


    Metal Roofing

    Metal Roofing is one of the prevalent roofing types utilized for residential and commercial building’s structure. The property owners do it all the time to maintain and protect their units, as it's the most easily installed roofing system that can be applied right on the top of your existing one. Metal Roofing is durable and can withstand extreme climate conditions easily. Hard to ignore; you don't even believe if we say that they can last for 30+ years or more. Metal Roofing Sheets are energy efficient and have the substantial capacity to reflect sunlight and no complex maintenance. Metal Style Roofing weighs much less than most traditional roofing systems and looks aesthetically pleasing.


    Metal roofing structures are the premium gig to improve the spacious nature of your home or business environment with such mind-boggling features. While the metal roofing supplies and installation cost can be expensive, but it's worth a while. A metal roofing installation can expand your home resale value as well as keep your space cool for decades. With such advantages, It is assumed that metal roofing saves a lot of time & money, referred to as maintenance but in the end, you will need a trustworthy local metal roofing company who can make things right. Lone Star Barndominiums is a premier player in supplying, installing, and maintaining metal roofing across Texas. Our extensive experience in the Texas market has helped us develop a long-lasting relationship with the clients directly. With no intermediary and third-party company in between, we can save a lot on your expense.

    We met the owner of Lone Star Barndominiums 2 years back at a party. We exchanged contacts and eventually ordered a steel building for our business. The whole team sent by Brenson was extremely helpful and professional. They are surely an excellent representative of what Brenson has said so far."   

    – John G


    “You Guys are the best, totally unbelievable to see that how my dream looks so beautiful in real. Everything was explained precisely with extreme details. I am so grateful to work with such an honest company in this metal manufacturing and supply industry. I would be recommending you again every time my home space demands..”

    – Lizzie T


    “I am a property manager and dealing with these guys for a long time. They are incomparable when it comes to doing business. I have worked with several steel building companies but the knowledge they have within themselves is far out of any local company. Totally Recommended!!”

    – Noah B


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    There are endless ways that cabinets could be made to fit into your home and you really are only limited by your needs and ideas. Our team is always glad to help you realize these and we would be able to get straight to work, as soon as you contact us. So, give us a call today and let us know exactly how new cabinets could help improve your home.