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Barndominium Builder in Texas


Don’t know what “Barndominium” actually means, Well that’s totally fine. Not many people were familiar with the term but not now. As metal and steel-based buildings are gaining immense popularity as compared with conventional construction, Metal Barndominium is making its way to be the biggest real estate trend in Texas.


The term “Barndominium” itself is defined as a metal structure that dwells in space for living. This metal structure may look basic but don’t let the term fool you. Today, Barndominium provides builders and property owners the ability to live a luxurious life with custom amenities at a much lower price.




Do you always want to have a custom home? Well building a “Barndominium” will allow you to have a dream home with an immense list of advantages:


Low Cost:


The construction of Barndominium costs much less as compared with traditional wooden construction. The steel-based panel and exterior framing are one of the most cost-effective methods, thus used for shops and barns.


Ease of Maintenance:


Steel Building such as “Barndominium” needs much less maintenance. As most of the steel panels come with durability against fading, chalking, or peeling, you can expect a long life and warranty on the same. On the flip side, Traditional construction demands maintenance in the form of paint every 5-7 years.


No Swap Time:


As Barndominium is a blend of both living and workspace, you can get enough space for both. You don’t have to travel, don’t need to face traffic and the independence of swapping work anytime. What else can you expect from a “Barndominium”? I guess a lot less stress!


Resistant to Fire & Weather:


The steel paneling in Barndominium provides resistance among burning down of trees or fire in the neighborhood which eventually protect your lovely home against 3rd party agents. Also, most of the panels come under a warranty liable to fading during harsh weather.




Pure Steel Barndominium is made up entirely of recycled steel contributing to the environment. Moreover, Each particle comes with a resistance against paint and pests which ends up the usage of pesticides and paint fumes which are harmful to nature.


Easier than Ever:


A full-service Barndominium not only takes away the stress of home buying and building but makes a powerful impact on the course of design and aesthetics.




The Barndominium has no limit. You can add any amenity or fixture you love in the same while incorporating a similar design to conventional homes. The possibilities are expendable and some of them are:


  • Plumbing
  • Custom Showers
  • Personalized countertops & kitchen
  • Unique Flooring Design
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • Layout Plan


Your Doorway to Live Life King Size


Barndominium has always been the popular choice for the individuals in Texas and still outgrowing, That’s why we at Lone Star Barndominiums have put our foot into it. We had been embracing metal building options for years and with these Barndominium can provide you exactly the same with more durability and flexibility. Our Barndominium building structures give peace of mind to homeowners in Texas by the thought of dramatically no maintenance and upkeeps.


With the look, feel, and upgrades you have always dreamt of, We can gift you the blend of a living and work storage space you required in any size, shape, or layout.


#1 Barndominium Builders in Texas


At Lone Star Barndominiums, We have been continually working on the commitment to provide cutting-edge trends and inventive ways so that you can live in Barndominium buildings easily. Our Barndominium builders in Texas are working constantly to invoke you with quality metal buildings that are innovative, cost-effective, and can be customized as per your requirements of a happy home. Our Barndominium buildings cost hits your pocket with only a fraction while providing you with immense benefits of a metal structure.


Whether you are looking to make a home or a blend of workshop, garage, horse stall, or anything in between, Lone Star Barndominiums can help you create a Barndominium you have always been dreaming of.


  • We have experience in other metal structure building as well
  • We know how to make your metal homes energy efficient
  • We hold a 100% satisfaction record with an immense list of Happy Customers


When you build a Barndominium with Lone Star Barndominiums, you are building something that lasts for a lifetime. We have achieved this standard and reputation only on the shoulders of our people and the quality material used in Barndominium kits and Barndominium Buildings. The possibilities offered by our metal building structure and Barndominium are tends to infinite, so we encourage if you to contact us directly to share and discuss ideas regarding your new build Barndominium.


For more information regarding our Barndominium building services, Feel free to call us today at 830-800-0668.

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