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Pole Barns in New Braunfels, TX


Pole Barn Builders in Texas


Pole Barns are getting more and more popular among Texas homeowners in terms of their structure. By simple definition, the pole barn building stands on the framing of poles grounded in a vertical frameset. The pole barns just don’t provide an aesthetic effect but gift additional storage and property value. In fact, pole barns are very much easy to build, install, and affordable as well. Although, when people have thought of pole buildings or barns in their mind, they often take it as an agricultural building that stock farming equipment. Well not now!


With the commencement of hard economical times, People explore and take full advantage of these outstanding and affordable construction options by building churches, auto repair shops, helicopter hangers, guest rooms, sports cafes, gyms, offices & much more.


Benefits of Pole Barn Kits & Buildings


Auto and Truck Shops:


Pole buildings can be made tall enough to lift houses and big enough to incorporate separate areas for car inventories and repair sections. Thus making it a perfect place for restoration, storage, and repair among auto and truck shop owners.


Big Rigs:


Pole buildings are a perfect place to store your big rigs. Whether it will be a class-A motor home, a log truck, or a fully loaded double flatbed trailer, your pole building can be made to accommodate any type of vehicle.


The Arts:


Pole building has the flexibility to turn into an economical section such as an art studio under the same roof of your household. Post-Frame buildings are strong enough to store your messy clay arts or delicate artistic paintwork as per the requirements of the owner. Nevertheless, you can utilize these pole barn kits as a woodworking area, or a lawn maintenance storage section, or a general backyard to store anything. The pole building stands on a number stage when it comes to incorporating a living, storage, and workspace area.


Manufacturing & Production:


Business owners usually accommodate pole buildings as commercial establishments for production and office facilities. These structures are well suitable for manufacturing units and can be divided into separate areas easily while promoting a backend that is promising for customer’s welcome.



Stages Of a Successful Pole Barn Construction


You somehow imagine the barn of your dreams and what it looks like. The smell of fresh shavings, a new pile of paint or wood, or an air freshener of your rig, all depends upon your requirements and how you want to organize it. The best designer for your pole barn is you. However, the Pole barn construction process is simple yet can be complicated for first-time builders. We at Lone Star Barndominiums can make your pole barn construction easy with our 5 step policy followed by:


  1. Brainstorming
  2. Creating a plan
  3. Gathering your materials
  4. Hiring the labor
  5. Inspecting the work


Our pole barn experts let the shape of your ideas turn into a barn of your dream. Whether you desire one stall, gable, or a back-to-back barn series, our professional pole barn designer will discuss the complete outline of your project before shaping it into a structure. Attention to the details, our pole barns are made fire-resistant and more durable to provide lifetime longevity.




Lone Star Barndominiums provides a turnkey pole barn solution when it comes to expanding your land without interrupting day-to-day life. We build every pole barn in a designated timeline and budget as discussed in a discovery stage before the project. We will not ask to hire some short contractor to manage a work integrated with the construction of our pole barns, We have a fully-fledged pole barn construction team who will design, supply, and build your barn project with the highest industry standards. With decades of experience across people in Texas, Lone Star Barndominiums builders possess success and excellence in each step.


All the material used in the construction of your pole barn will be selected responsibly as well at a pocket-friendly price as compared with other pole barn builders in Texas. Moreover, We hold a local business so know how to create a sustainable product that suits the weather of Texas.


We are proud of our dynamic team and their efforts to work collaboratively for making the company's reputation to his far. Our team culture depicts only one goal - to create a pole barn you ask. Lone Star Barndominiums is backed by


Quality Materials

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

100 % Satisfaction

Free Inspection

Fast Installation


To get a quote for your project, Call Lone Star Barndominiums today at 830-800-0668 today.

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